• 70 international buyers, of the 331 invited by ProColombia, keep 300 appointments at the Business Roundtable.
  • Shapewear, underwear, swimwear and industrial uniforms are among the most popular segments.
  • International buyers recognize the quality, technology and good prices of Colombian production.
ColombiatexConnected BrandsNegocios

  • In accordance with the global trends of the fashion industry, Colombiatex de las Américas 2018 presents innovations and dynamics in topics such as technology, business and fashion.
  • Brazil as guest country, Graphic Market, the Intelligent Factory and the alliance between Inexmoda – Fashion Snoops, stand out as exceptional developments of the Tradeshow.
  • The innovative tools that Inexmoda exhibits through the Tradeshow provide the Fashion System with ways to do things differently and find unique possibilities to compete.



  • The Tradeshow Trends Forum of supplies, textiles, specialized solutions, chemicals and machinery, features the Spring-Summer 2018 trends and academic talks that upgrade participants’ expertise.
  • About 1700 fabrics and 59 denim garments from countries such as Colombia, India, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Japan, among others, are part of the Trends Forum.
  • Colombiatex ends its second day with Denim Day, where visitors and give tribute to this fabric by wearing denim outfits.



  • The Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion has a free-entry program of 22 conferences and 10 dynamic workshops, with livestreaming on
  • Colombiatex de las Américas’ academic space gives all attendees valuable knowledge to open their eyes and understand the different faces of the fashion industry.
  • Speakers at the Pavilion consider this space to be a key part of the Fashion System training.

  • The Colombiatex de las Americas Tradeshow generates $12 million USD and an 85% hotel occupancy.
  • The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism announces measures to combat smuggling and under-invoicing of textiles and clothing.
  • Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Chief Executive of Inexmoda, highlights 30 years of knowing, connecting and transforming the Fashion System in Latin America.

  • Inexmoda’s highest purpose is to connect knowledge to make the Fashion System vibrate, and it will continue to do so through the Institute’s alliance with Fashion Snoops.
  • Fashion Snoops, a New York-based trend forecasting platform, decided to connect with Inexmoda to achieve a broader scope in countries like Colombia and Ecuador from the experience and knowledge that characterize both organizations.
  • Three fashion trends that will be present in the Spring-Summer 2018 season, according to Fashion Snoops’ investigations.

  • The 30th edition of Colombiatex de las Américas, with the theme of “Open Your Eyes”, will take place at Plaza Mayor Medellín during January 23-25, 2018.
  • More than 550 national and international exhibitors, and close to 15,800 buyers are preparing to open the business agenda of the Textile-Garment sector in 2018.
  • Brazil will be the guest country, invited to empower the Fashion System, get acquainted with the Colombian offer, and generate new opportunities.

  • -A total of 10,168 people were empowered with knowledge at the most important fashion and business trade show of Latin America.
  • With 12 conferences the first day, and 10 the second, the Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion ratified the importance of keeping up-to-date and sharing knowledge in the national industry.
  • Twelve practical and dynamic workshops for businesspeople closed the third day of academic programming at Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®.
  • The topic of this year–centered on strategy, business models, and chain of value–turned out to be a great attraction for the visitors.

  • Feminine sensuality and her Latina figure were explored from all the apparel worlds.
  • Handcrafted garments with a definite Colombian sense of belonging were highlighted during this day.
  • Garments with an authentic and pragmatic seal framed the production of designer Jorge Duque, in the Banco de Bogotá and Carrusel magazine runway.

  • Colombiamoda 2017, included Textiles2 again in their comercial showcase, a trade show focused on nletting buyers know what is available in terms of textiles, package deals, supplies, technical textiles, and specialized services for the second semester of the year.
  • This edition of Colombia’s Fashion Week claimed 90 exhibitors, 70 with textiles and supplies, and 20 with package deals.
  • Tecnology, innovation, and design were the main components of this space.