113 Proposals, 15 Finalists, and Three Winners: The Results from the Seventh Edition of Latinoamérica Habla

113 Proposals, 15 Finalists, and Three Winners: The Results from the Seventh Edition of Latinoamérica Habla

  • The three winners of the Seventh Edition of the Latinoamérica Habla contest were chosen at Colombiamoda 2015
  • Natalia Londoño won first place, followed by Natali Rendón and Stefany Torres
  • The Latinoamérica Habla contest demonstrates creativity, knowledge and imagination

July 29, 2015. After many months of hard work and dedication on behalf of the 15 finalists for Latinoamérica Habla, among them three Ecuadorians and 12 Colombians, the moment to choose the winners finally arrived. Colombiamoda was witness to the different presentations of the students that throughout the Expo were on display and were chosen judges Catherine Villota, fashion journalist; Santiago Acosta; teacher and researcher of design for Xperience; and Eulalia Piedrahita, designer and current director of El Tesoro Magazine.

For this edition, the student that won first place was Natalia Londoño, winning a scholarship for a summer course at the Instituo Marangoni in Italy, Londo, or Paris. Her presentation was selected for her creative design, innovation, and distinction; second place went to Natali Rendón, who earned her internship with the company Totto; and third place was earned by Stefany Torres, who received a fashion design software from Audaces Idea.

Catherine Villota, contest judge, praised the young talent and said “This isn´t something that comes to one naturally, it is a result of hard work, learning, discipline, experience, dedication and passion, Latinoamérica Habla is not just about finding great talent, but also about creating opportunities so that fashion design students are ever improving and becoming better not just in Colombia, but the continent as well, and in the future the whole Fashion System.”

The seventh edition of the contest had 113 design proposals from students from Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Chile, Venezuela, Honduras, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador and Colombia, who based their designs off of the subject “Open Access,” a concept from the former edition of Colombiamoda.

At 10:00 a.m. the winner´s names for the Latinoamérica Habla contest were revealed. “We are filled with pride receiving these designs, identifying talent in the region and seeing the aspirations of these young students that are making part of Colombiamoda, an expo that not only displays designs and fashion, but also gives an opportunity to businesses and exposure to new creators,” declared Carlos Eduardo Botero, President of Inexmoda.

To end the event, the participants were once again praised and thanked for their work in being a part of this important project which was created with the purpose of molding talented Latin American students. They were praised for their courage in taking a risk in presenting their work in front of very demanding judges, all the while demonstrating their creativity, knowledge and imagination, which is what Latinoamérica Habla is all about.

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