The academy is present in the runway shows  at Colombiamoda 2015

  • The academy has positioned itself as one of the strongest bets at Colombiamoda: the Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina, Corporacion Colegiatura Colombiana and Universidad Pointificia Bolivariana will be active in the circuit runways
  • Conceptualization, reflection, and experimentation are fundamental bases for the formation of these academic runways
  • In this issue, aside from knowledge, and the conceptualization of creative ideas, the possibility of creating brands and business models has been supported

Textiles2 open up spaces  for technical textiles

  • Specialized textiles increasingly take more strength in the commercial offer from Colombiamoda
  • The innovation developed by sector companies becomes a challenge for designers and clothing manufacturers.
  • Fabricato and Lafayette are leaders in the domestic production of fabrics for specialized uses

Ideas for Kids: Children´s Apparel at Colombiamoda 2015

  • In this year´s edition, this category counts on its own space in the Square.
  • Clothing and Footwear brands make a presence in this expo.
  • Businessmen highlight the importance of their presence in this internationally renowned Expo.

Colombiamoda 2015 Stimulates Businesses in the Textile Chain

  • Some 60 foreign companies arrived to Colombiamoda with the purpose of exploring the franchise model.
  • The design and quality of Colombian production is already well known in international markets.
  • Foreign buyers balance their businesses in the important Expo of apparel and fashion.

Trends Forum: the starting point of Colombiamoda 2015

  • A place where buyers and visitors to understand the trends for the Fall-Winter season of 2015-2016.
  • Two daily lectures by Inexmoda´s Fashion and Economic Lab.
  • The forum presents a new exhibition of the following categories: bridal dresses, beachwear, jewelry, footwear, and leather.

Inspiring Competition and Entrepreneurship is the Purpose of the Knowledge Pavillion Inexmoda – UPB

  • Colombiamoda presented on the first day of fashion shows, a sample design that privileges Colombian design.
  • Feminine apparel made a strong appearance, with proposals in the casual, informal, swimwear, and lingerie category.
  • Renowned creators and young artists staged a day in efforts to strengthen national fashion.

Inspiring Competition and Entrepreneurship is the Purpose of the Knowledge Pavillion Inexmoda – UPB

  • At 9:00 in the morning in the Teatro Metropolitano the Knowledge Paviliion Inexmoda – UPB officially opened.
  • Innovation, business trends, prospectives, customers, fashion and technology, are keys to developing businesses.
  • 26 conferences form part of this academic schedule in this free space.

113 Proposals, 15 Finalists, and Three Winners: The Results from the Seventh Edition of Latinoamérica Habla

  • The three winners of the Seventh Edition of the Latinoamérica Habla contest were chosen at Colombiamoda 2015
  • Natalia Londoño won first place, followed by Natali Rendón and Stefany Torres
  • The Latinoamérica Habla contest demonstrates creativity, knowledge and imagination

Young talent at Colombiamoda: Latinoamérica Habla, El Cubo by El Colombiano y NonStop Moda a la Colombiana

  • Colombiamoda is betting on young talent with their platforms Latinoamerica Habla, El Cubo by El Colombiano and NonStop: Moda a la Colombiana.
  • These spaces are created in order to enhance the careers of new designers.
  • From the academy to the branding of the author, Colombiamoda is defined as the ideal opportunity to shape the future of national fashion.



The biggest brands launch at Colombiamoda 2015

  • Colombiamoda consolidates itself as a platform for presentation of brands and products
  • The Portuguese Association of Manufacturers of Footwear drives 12 companies at the Expo.
  • Miguel Caballero presents his innovation in products for the security and protection for high risk labor.