Colombiamoda 2015 Stimulates Businesses in the Textile Chain

Colombiamoda 2015 Stimulates Businesses in the Textile Chain

  • Some 60 foreign companies arrived to Colombiamoda with the purpose of exploring the franchise model.
  • The design and quality of Colombian production is already well known in international markets.
  • Foreign buyers balance their businesses in the important Expo of apparel and fashion.

July 29, 2015. The international buyers are consistently walking away with a better impression of the quality, design, competitive prices and innovation of the Colombian products. What they take back from with them after coming to Colombiamoda 2015 are: more leads, better businesses and with the desire to return and continue doing business here.

During the meetings organized by Inexmoda with buyers from various countries and exhibitors from the New Business Model Pavilion: opportunities for expansion, Inexmoda . Masfranquicias, the vast variety of deals and business opportunities leaves them without words.

David Agudelo Ospina, from the company OMO Grupo BC Online (a Google Business Solutions partner), says that the potential that the Expo has abundant to define alliances with local providers. His company no longer buys from one line, but rather explores who wants to sell in the Mexican market which has 124 million residents, of which 40 million have access to the internet and 16 million make purchases online.

Aside from realizing purchases from various companies (from 10,000 dollars the first time, to 800,000 dollars and a million dollars per year), also made connections with various companies, among them Offcorss (Hermeco) in order to sell their clothing for children online. “We came to explore who wants to sell in Mexico, and we see the immense amount of possibilities, especially, thanks to the quality of Colombian production and the willingness of the manufacturer to answer the call of demanding customers.” he claimed.

672 buyers arrived

Mexico´s delegation is one of the largest at Colombiamoda. Out of the 672 international buyers invited by ProColombia, the first one is United States (141), next is Ecuador (109), Mexico (55) and Costa Rica (52).

The 672 buyers coming from 479 companies and of those, 250 are participating for the first time, according to ProColombia. This government agency under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism emphasizes that most international buyers come to the tradeshow in search of complete package deals, alliances and Colombian brands in all segments of textile and clothing, especially casual, sporting, swim and beach wear, and lingerie.

It also draws attention that 60 foreign companies are interested in exploring the franchising, especially in Mexico and Central America.

More days of purchase

From Costa Rica, also came plenty of buyers. Ernesto Araya, from the company Moda Intima, came from this country with the intention of buying lingerie, jeans, swim wear, stressed that he had already defined two businesses, which will close within three months.

Nicole Tinoco, from the store Cascatta, also from Costa Rica, visits the tradeshow in search of swim wear, beach wear and accessories, and says “the experience of coming to visit Colombiamoda for the first time is beautiful, for business opportunities and the variety offered”.

From the Dominican Republic, Ozena Sanchez and Aida Perdomo said “we have seen much more than what we came for”.

Genius is Contagious

Alberto Campo bought swimsuits, lingerie and casual clothing for his clients in Mexico, in particular for specialty stores and for sales catalogs. He hopes to be able to find great deals and a package that offers a whole suit of products, he estimates that his purchases in Colombia could be greater than 700,000 dollars annually.

“Colombian Genius and creativity is something that helps sales and is actually contagious. They are products that have a lot of strength in the exhibits and that are why we continue to come back to Colombiamoda,” said the businessman.

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