Colombiamoda 2017 presents a qualified and high quality commercial display

  • The Business Roundtable 4.0, carried out by MinTIC and Procolombia, commenced today, inviting all businesspeople of the sector to incorporate technology and digital business into the DNA of their organizations.
  • Colombiamoda 2017 gathers 600 exhibitors from 15 countries, mainly from Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • Categories such as Footwear and Leathergoods, Children’s, and Jeanswear make business pulsate on the second day of the Trade show.

July 2017. The second day of the 28th edition of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week®, where nearly 13,600 buyers—-1,600 of which are international, from 55 countries, and 12,000 national, from all the regions of the country—-reckons with a high-level commercial showcase  for the apparel worlds: Jeanswear, Activewear, Formal – Casual, Swimwear, Beachwear, Lingerie, Children’s, Shapewear, Footwear and Leathergoods,  and original design proposals, besides a textile chapter, package deal, and special services at Textiles2—the aim of textile businesses for the second semester of the year.

7,500m2 of display make up the commercial showcase of the Trade show, which gathered 600 exhibitors from 15 countries, mainly from Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Brazil, and Mexico, with a participation percentage of 86%, 4%, 2%, 2%, and 1%, respectively. The most represented departments of the country were Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, Norte de Santander, and Santander, with 48%, 22%, 8% 7%, and 5%, in the same order.

The Footwear and Leathergoods category, with 89 exhibitor brands, is highlighted at the Trade show, not only because it increased its commercial display, but because it is an apparel world that is captivating world buyers due to its offer of fashionable footwear.  Without abandoning functionality and comfort, the exhibitors of this space are highly committed to avant-garde design, global trends, and innovation.

The Colombian brand, Mercedes Campuzano, is one that makes fashion a close-at-hand pleasure, starting from its designs to its affordable consumer prices, offering a portfolio for all ages, tastes, and lifestyles.  Marcio Oliveira, General Export Manager for Calçados Beira Rio® S.A., who participated for the second consecutive year at the Trade show, stated that: “Colombiamoda is a trade show that connects markets in an exceptional manner.  We have linked up with not only Colombian buyers, but also buyers from Peru, Ecuador, and Panama. It is a world-class trade show.”

The Children’s World has shone with the presence of brands such as Lossan, Mayoral, Codelin, Vakancitos, and Mayatex, among others. These show the growth of a World which each day has more importance for the consumer, for nowadays even the smallest are lead players in the latest trends. Only in Colombia, the per capita expenditure in this category up to June, was an accumulated total of $15,037 pesos, a 3% growth in regards to the same month last year.  

Jeanswear, located in the Yellow Pavilion of the Trade show, is a category that year after year shows its importance in its world.  To the present day there is an accumulated annual variation of 1.95%. With 109 exhibitors, this offer captivated buyers from the country, receiving also international buyers from Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Panama. Carlos Bermúdez, Director of Commerce from the Curuba brand, claimed: “We offer ready female fashion, and the second day of the Trade show is the most expectant in terms of influx. Today, the buyers that we need have visited us, and this year I have noticed less quantity but better quality, which is really what we need.”

The Summer Party TigoUne – Discovery Home & Health, a new commercial space of the Trade Show, was inaugurated with 14 brands of the Beachwear, Swimwear, and Resort Worlds of the country, consolidating itself as one of the most important platforms in which to offer a brand experience to the final consumer, different from the dynamics of the rest of the commercial showcase, which are B2B – business to business.

Additionally to the diverse commercial showcase, the Business Roundtable 4.0 carried out by MinTIC and Procolombia–that began today and will end tomorrow, July 27– invited businesspeople from the sector to incorporate technology in their strategies, going along with “New Game”, the concept of the Inexmoda trade show. 25 entrepreneurs from the technology world are offering their high-level solutions to businesspeople of the Fashion System.  Virtual reality glasses that let you pre-visualize an outfit, and try-on intelligent clothes, are some of the solutions. “We are moving Colombia towards a Digital Economy. For this reason the productive sectors are getting on the digitalization bus, and the fashion sector is no longer a stranger to software acquisition and national export-type applications. With our participation in Colombiamoda, we hope that these entrepreneurs can make solid business deals with international buyers from the textile sector,” stated the TIC Minister, David Luna.

The second day of the Trade show proved the positive business dynamics that occur in different pavilions of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week. Tomorrow, on last day of the Trade show, business, fashion, and knowledge will continue to connect in the same place.