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Colombiatex de las Americas Reassures its Great Capability to Generate Business

  • Colombiatex de las Americas closes with approximately USD $326M in business expectations.
  • During these three days, around 21,924 national and international visitors attended the Tradeshow.
  • The Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion hosted almost 8,229 people, and the Trends Forum, 1,155.

January 2017. A new match began for the different players of the textile – apparel industry after the completion of the twenty-ninth edition of Colombiatex de las Americas, a Tradeshow that brought together business, knowledge and trends, inviting to incorporate the technology, and to blend innovation into the DNA of the companies as an essential component of the ‘New Game’ that is imperative in the world.

The numbers

Around 21,924 people came to visit Colombiatex de las Americas and all of the contents featured on it during these three past days, 5,5% more than last year. The Tradeshow closed with approximately $ 326M in business expectations and an approximate 4% increase on last year’s figure, where the commercial interest of countries such as United States, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Guatemala and Costa Rica stood out. From this group of crountries, 41% directs its investments to textile purchases; 23% in machinery and equipment, 10% will invest in trims and fittings, 7% in chemical products, 7% in threads and yarns, and 12% registered in other categories. This is the estimate balance provided by Invamer after closing business (see technical data sheet at the end of this document).

«Colombiatex de las Americas is ad portas of turning 30, every year we deliver a better version of our Tradeshow, we reinvent the way to connect our knowledge and that of our allies to foster encounters that add value to the industry; we are a well-known epicentre in Latin America as the only integrative Tradeshow that gathers business, knowledge and trends in just one place, with a qualified supply deserving of all of the efforts that we make, in alliance with the Medellin Mayor’s Office and ProColombia,  to bring national and international buyers, revitalizing business and stimulating the economy and, by doing so, the opportunities for country. It is rewarding for me to close, round up, start this year with a successful Tradeshow that continues to grow and to restate the power of working together, » added Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, President of Inexmoda.

Together we co-create the most important Tradeshow in the Industry 

The Tradeshow had 510 exhibitors, mainly from Colombia, India, Brazil, Spain and Italy, as well as 1,928 international buyers (9% more than last year) from which 27% arrived due to the crucial efforts of ProColombia.  Aside from the collaborative work made along with exhibitors and buyers, Colombiatex de las Americas is carried out thanks to the committed involvement of more than 2,900 people, 72 direct employees and 2,880 indirect, and to the important magnifying operations of more than 200 national and 40 international media members.

On its behalf, the articulated work of Procolombia  and Inexmoda in alliance with Medellin Mayor’s Office made possible to present the first Business Conference of the Fashion System, where nearly 75 international buyers listened the business proposals of several national exhibitors looking to open up to the international market; also, the efforts made by Camara de Comercio and the institution of the alliance ‘Antioquia Exporta más’, promoted meaningful encounters for networking to stimulate the export of Colombian companies.

An industry Committed to the #NewGame 

After taking the invitation of Inexmoda, of incorporating an innovative, observant and, most of all, knowledgeable DNA to the organizational structure and the strategies for business, the visitors of the Tradeshow understood the new challenges of the market. The Trend Forum, which received more than 1,155 people, was just the beginning of the journey to the fairground/playground enclosure that had different pavilions exposing the best in terms of fibers, textiles, digital printing of graphics, yarns, trims and fittings, machinery and equipment, full package, chemical products, ten categories by product comprehended in the Tradeshow.

Also, in order to adopt suitable measures to the new technologies and to be able to keep up with the rapid pace of changes in the market, the Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion, offered 21 conferences that had approximately 8,229 attendants and 15 practical workshopsshops (645 attendants), where people got to upgraded their knowledge. All of this was possible thanks to the teamwork of one of our biggest allies, Pontificia Bolivariana University, and to the broadcasting of Telemedellin.

The ‘New Game’ it is sustainable and for that reason, Inexmoda, on its 1054 stand, in alliance with the company for sustainable solutions Torna, witnessed the profitability of bringing together innovation in water recycling, saving up to almost 95% of its usage in all rudimentary procedures of the industry.

Colombiatex de las Americas was carried out thanks to the great alliance between Medellin Mayor’s Office and Inexmoda that year after year join forces to not only push the industry of the country forward, but also to stimulate this significant economic flow for the city of Medellin, because Colombiatex is a Tradeshow that brings about COP$27,000 million.

Under the Tradeshow concept “New Game”, Inexmoda delivered again and it promoted a space of effective networking that also expanded the craft of the most representative companies in the industry, which generates

opportunities to strengthen its business, co-creating in this way the scenario of business around textiles and trims and fittings for the most powerful apparel in Latin America.

Total 2017 Total 2016 Variación from to  2016
Buyers 14.719*  13.952  5.5%
Exhibitors 510  510  0
Business Expectations USD 326M  USD $313 M  4%
Satisfaction: in a 1 to 5 scale  4.43 sobre 5 NA  NA
Total Tradeshow attendants 21.924  21.302  3%
Knowledge Pavilion Inexmoda-UPB**attendants** 8.229 6.905 19%
Workshops attendants 645 NA NA
Trends Forum attendants 1.155  1.380 -16%

*86% national buyers and 14% international buyers
**Comparing the two first days of Colombiatex 2016 from those of Colombiatex 2017.

Invamer’s Technical data sheet

Overall aim: To evaluate the level of attendants’ satisfaction for Colombiatex de las Americas 2017
Field survey: the information was gathered from January 24th to the 27th of 2017.
Number of Surveys: 15

Target Group:

  • People who visited the Tradeshow
  • National Exhibitors
  • International Exhibitors
  • National Buyers
  • International Buyers
  • Media

Method of Data Collection: Individual surveys were made through mobile devices
Margin of Error: Since this is a probabilistic sampling based on information capture, there is no margin for error.
Sampling Method: Information capture during the days of the Tradeshow.