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Colombiatex called for innovation in the textile chain

  • This was emphasized by Governor of Antioquia, Luis Perez Gutierrez, at the opening of the Tradeshow.
  • The Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez Zuluaga, stated that the Tradeshow brings a significant economic flow of around COP$27,000 million to the city.
  • The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Procolombia invite all entrepreneurs in this industry to benefit from all that the 11 FTA in force.

January, 2017. The Governor of Antioquia, Luis Perez Gutierrez, who joined the entrepreneurs in the textile chain at the opening of the Tradeshow Colombiatex of the Americas, shared the invitation that Inexmoda has extended to all entrepreneurs in the industry to take part in The New Game with a lot more innovativeness and competitiveness.

According to the regional representative, Inexmoda has provided the city with two defining symbols, as are Colombiatex and Colombiamoda, events which by the city is known all over the world as a textile and fashion center.

«With this ‘New Game’, to which Inexmoda invites us, we must meet the challenge of innovate or die, » said Luis Perez. «Colombiatex and Colombiamoda are constantly and tirelessly innovating, and this must serve as an example to the private industry as well as to the leaders of the public industry, » added the Governor.

Inexmoda has invited all entrepreneurs in the chain to stimulate dynamic thinking, and to open their minds to new possibilities as a new way to assure their permanence in the changing market, as long as they are able to respond to the new demands of their customers.

The Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez, also applauded the effort made by Inexmoda to take this Textile Tradeshow into realization, which has become in the most important of its kind in Latin America. «This industry is an economic driver, and Antioquia holds 45.5% of textile and apparel manufacturing of the country. »

Additionally, he highlighted that the significant financial incentive to the economy brought by Colombiatex of the Americas to the city is estimated to be around COP$27,000 million, represented in visitors’ consumption in lodging, restaurants, transportation, and in purchases made in malls.

On his behalf, the Vice Minister for Entreprenurial Development —of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, – Daniel Arango Angel, point at the new industrial policy fostered and promoted by the Government under the document Conpes 3866, and indicated that, aside from being an industrial policy, it’s a document of Productive Development that will benefit all companies in the country and, particularly the 7,100 companies pertaining to the textile chain, and that will create 400,000 direct jobs.

He also mentioned both the commitment of the Government with the legality as well as its struggle with illegal trade, especially against smuggling, and revealed that in 2016, 60,000 detentions of goods of illegal source amounting to COP$395,000 million were carried out with the support of The National Tax and Customs Office (DIAN) and of the Fiscal and Customs Police.

Arango Angel concurred with the president of Procolombia, Felipe Jaramillo Jaramillo, in asking the businessmen to seize the opportunities that the 11 Free Trade Agreements that Colombia has signed with 50 countries have to offer, and that will allow them to reach out to 1,500 million consumers.

The Colombiatex of the Americas Tradeshow, held until January 26th in the Convention Center Plaza Mayor Medellin, summons 510 exhibitors and more than 22,000 visitors, including 13,000 national buyers and 1,800 international buyers from 60 countries, of which 531 arrive to the city with the support of Procolombia coming from 16 countries.

In the same opening act of the Tradeshow, the President of Inexmoda, Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, exposed the concern of the entrepreneurs of the industry for the recent increase of the IVA (Tax to the Added Value) that went from 16% to 19%, and said that this decision could impact in the sales dynamics in the textile-apparel industry.

He also highlighted the results of the program Encadenamientos Productivos Formales (lit. Formal Productive Linkages) that, with the support of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, has been led by Inexmoda in a group of 40 companies of Bogota and Medellin from which 48% achieved average increases in competitiveness, while 95% introduced improvements in its productive process.

Also, Inexmoda thanked to the mayor from Medellin, Federico Gutierrez Zuluaga, for the support to the program Épica, reto de la Innovación (lit. Epic, the challenge of Innovation), which has taken the entrepreneurs on the path of knowledge that will later translate into actual sales and in better business for its companies. The total of the 55 of entrepreneurs that participate in the program achieved increase of its sales, with growths close to 40%, and 85% created new jobs- with 754 work positions created -.

Carlos Eduardo Botero restated his call to the national, departmental and metropolitan governments to transform Inexmoda into a strategic ally to promote competitiveness and innovation in the Fashion System in all regions.

During the opening act of the Colombiatex of the America Tradeshow, Inexmoda acknowledges the companies of the industry that have celebrated recent anniversaries: to Bombay ornaments and varieties, on their 50th year; to Artextil, on their 35th year; to Coletex, on their 30th year; and to Sumiprint, on their 25th year. The same acknowledgements are made for the Metropolitan Theater José Gutiérrez Gómez on their 30th year and to TeleMedellin Channel on their 20th year, crucial allies for Inexmoda in their Tradeshows and activities.


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