Companies with Innovative and Sustainable Offers are Present at Colombiatex de las Américas

  • 618 m2 of commercial exhibition is bringing together businesses offering textiles, raw materials, supplies, machinery, and specialized manufacturing services.
  • Fabricato and Manufacturas Eliot- Pat Primos are two traditional companies from Colombia that are participating in the tradeshow.
  • For the first time, a group representative of Italian businesses will come together at Colombiatex in order to share their cutting-edge technology.

January 2016. Brands that ratify the energy and growth of the textile-apparel industry are part of the twenty-eighth edition of Colombiatex de las Américas´ business agenda. At their stands, these brands will network with more than 11,000 buyers from 40 countries around the world.

With a diverse commercial exhibition, Manufacturas Eliot – Pat Primo designed Plaza Eliot. Plaza Eliot is located near the tradeshow´s registration point and has attracted the glances of national and international buyers that are interested in the expansive offer of fabrics and garments. The exhibition includes fabrics and garments for all wardrobe needs, including undergarments, sportswear, beachwear, children´s wear, casual and industrial wear among others. There are just as many options for females as there are for males.

“We are building a grand scene for our clients. We are creating a zone of experiences, where people can drink coffee and do business in a cool way. We are very happy with the results we´ve had up to now. We have accepted requests from buyers coming from Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru,” explained Guillermo Elías Criado, General Commercial Manager of the Textile Division of Manufacturas Eliot  – Pat Primo.

In the Yellow Pavilion, Fabricato is presenting jeanswear, drill and knitted fabrics, emphasizing a casual line. The company is pursuing alliances involving laundry and finishing chemicals with apparel manufacturers with the intention of entering the European market with brands like Zara, Diesel, Stradivarius and Bershka. In this way, the company hopes to achieve manufacturing and distribution of its clothing in the Latin American region.

Fabricato is able to use production practices that are mindful of the environment, thanks to their acquisition of a factory that ecologically manages decontaminated water from solids and colors. This is a $6 million change for the company. “The clean water is reused in the textile process. For Denim, we have stopped using powder and we now use a liquid colorant that reduces the possibility of contamination,” commented Armando Castillo, Commercial Director of Marketing and Logistics of Fabricato.

Colombiatex de las Américas relies on exhibitors that provide sustainable solutions. But at the same time, the tradeshow counts on technologies that contribute to the competitiveness of the industry and that indicate increases in innovation. Such technology is shown by Italian companies, which have come to the tradeshow for the first time with the objective of using the commercial platform to conquer the Latin American market.

Raffaella Carabelli, President of ACIMIT (Italian Association of Textile Machinery) emphasizes interest, on behalf of the Italian businesses, in being accepted in the Latin American market. In this market, they find a spirit and special connection among Colombians. Carabelli states: “Our exports to South American are between 7% and 10%. This is a percent that we would like to increase because we get along very well with this continent´s market and we can deliver quality equipment for efficient production.”

Carabelli, also emphasized the reception that his offer of machinery has had at the tradeshow and the importance of having this equipment on the textile-apparel chain. According to him, equipment is what determines the success of the final product; it turns into a supplement that can better the results of the garments.

Producing experiences, implementing sustainable processes and offering cutting-edge technology are the transcending factors of business models that surprise and win over buyers. These are all characteristics latent in the exhibitors´ offers here at Colombiatex de las Américas.