Government announced final support for the textile and apparel industry in Colombiatex

  • The protection to stop illegal clothing and footwear imports will remain in place: important announcement at the opening of Colombiatex of the Americas 2014.
  • Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Inexmoda CEO invited the Fashion System entrepreneurs to act, share knowledge, work together, and go beyond limits.
  • The textiles, raw materials, and machinery for clothing and home industries Show, will be held from 21st to 23rd January in Plaza Mayor Medellin.

January 21, 2014. At the opening of Colombiatex of the Americas 2014, the Government gave a new boost to the textile and apparel chain and announced the two-year-extension of mixed tariff in place since March 2013, in order to protect the domestic industry against imports and unfair prices below normal market levels.

The Vice minister of Enterprise Development and Minister (in charge) of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, María del Mar Palau, stated to entrepreneurs the modified extension from March on, “when imported garments have a cost up to US$ 10, the current tariff of five dollars per kilo is kept and, when exceeding US$ 10 an extra fee of three dollars must be paid, as a way to cope with the smuggling and unfair competition with ridiculous prices. The idea is to attack smuggling and unfair competition, but at the same time, support the formal and legal traders,” said Maria del Mar.

She also confirmed that two different decrees will be issued, one for the apparel sector and one for the shoes industry, but with the same sense, the latest due to the different industries with different import structures.

Understanding the importance for the members of the Fashion System and their massive attendance to Colombiatex of the Americas Show, the Minister in charge acknowledged that these measures are taken considering the industry and knowledge of their needs, and what better spot to inform them, then at the Show that opens the fashion business calendar.

The president of the Andi, Bruce Mac Master, was the first to applaud the decision because it will help a lot to control smuggling, for which, however, he claimed stronger actions, from the government itself and the community, he said. “The country is delayed in recognizing its damaging effects on employment, economy and social investment,” said the leader.

Alvaro Hincapie Velez, CEO of Enka de Colombia, highlighted the measure and explained that although it does not include the textile fibers that his company produces, it does help control the smuggling of items throughout the supply chain and in this way, there will be increased demand for local products and increased use of domestic raw materials. “It’s a great help to the whole textile chain and it aims to save the garment, which is the challenge we all must face.”

President Santos himself, who is touring Europe, but sent a message to the entrepreneurs in the chain, after congratulating Inexmoda for their work and quality of the twenty-sixth edition of Colombiatex of the Americas which opened today, said that this measure aims to punish those who import illegally, and with ridiculous and fictitious prices, in dumping levels, but without affecting those who trade in fair and competent ways.

As host, Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, Inexmoda CEO, invited to go beyond limits, to share knowledge, to join forces, be amazed, and act.

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