Ideas for Kids: Children´s Apparel at Colombiamoda 2015

Ideas for Kids: Children´s Apparel at Colombiamoda 2015

  • In this year´s edition, this category counts on its own space in the Square.
  • Clothing and Footwear brands make a presence in this expo.
  • Businessmen highlight the importance of their presence in this internationally renowned Expo.

July 29, 2015. Spain, Portugal and Colombia, make up the selection of exhibitors in this 26th edition of Colombiamoda, located in a new space especially dedicated to Children´s Apparels, where tendencies are displayed for this category which showed an obvious growth with 2.8 billion pesos spent in 2014.

Several concepts are being displayed for the new Fall – Winter 2015/2016 lines which are showed off at Colombiamoda Fashion Week, the stage where the businesses look to increase the visibility of their brands and coincide with the objective of finding new business connections on an international level.

Losan, a Spanish brand, is present in this edition of Colombiamoda. Their representative at the Expo, Silvana Vasquez, says: “We consider that Colombiamoda is one of the most important Expos for children’s fashion and here we are looking to increase the visibility of our brand, we want to attract new clients. Colombia is the doorway to the Latin American market; Medellín is a focal point of fashion.”

Just like Medellín, Bucaramanga also plays a fundamental role in the world of apparel, it currently holds the number one spot in manufacturing, and has been given the nickname “The capital of children´s fashion.” Mayatex, a company from Bucaramanga, is present at Colombiamoda, with clothing that demonstrates the classic traditional style of the country, with details that are elaborated with their high quality, and are looking for markets to which to export: “The success behind our products is due to our workforce, the real added value comes from its details in the handmade work,” added Dario Amaya, the companies manager.

OffCorss, a clothing brand for babies, boys and girls, is participating this year in a different manner due to its interactive stand called OffCorss Theater, that shows how kids dreams can come true through a fun activities, which is a component of the companies DNA.

This experience at the Expo has been extraordinary. With the use of our space we want to make the visitors of the Expo happy and have them remember the kids we once were, and make it clear that you can dream,” said Juan Esteban Arias, creative director of OffCorss with respects to its set up which takes inspiration  from classic 1930s style theaters.

With these types of displays and exhibits at Colombiamoda 2015, we are shown a catagory that is able to reinvent itself and able to grow thanks to its dynamism, which has caused to strengthen itself and furthermore be able to supply the demand from buyers from Panama, Peru, Ecuador and Haiti that are present at the Expo.

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