Inspiring Competition and Entrepreneurship is the Purpose of the Knowledge Pavillion Inexmoda – UPB

Inspiring Competition and Entrepreneurship is the Purpose of the Knowledge Pavillion Inexmoda – UPB

  • At 9:00 in the morning in the Teatro Metropolitano the Knowledge Paviliion Inexmoda – UPB officially opened.
  • Innovation, business trends, prospectives, customers, fashion and technology, are keys to developing businesses.
  • 26 conferences form part of this academic schedule in this free space.

July 29, 2015. With the President of Inexmoda, Carlos Eduardo Botero, and Father Jorge Ivan Ramirez, vice chancellor of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in attendance, the inauguration of the Knowledge Pavillion, the academic wing of Colombiamoda Fashion Week, took place.

The President of Inexmoda explained that at the Knolwedge Pavillion Inexmoda – UPB “We will have an array of dynamic conferences, success stories having to do with different topics and industries such as fashion, film, music, architecture, design, among others.” That is how the participants will learn how to connect information from different sources, and through these different connections better understand the world.

He also emphasized the novelty that the Knowledge Pavillion Inexmoda – UPB brings to the event this year: a mobile learning center that will be located in different neighborhoods of the city as projection points of the different conferences, and today Wednesday, 29th, it will be at Parque Biblioteca La Quintana in the neighborhood López de Mesa.

On Tuesday, the first day of conferences, the topic was insight into hidden consumer tendencies that many times are part of their subconscious, and all of the speakers agreed on the essence of this topic.

On this second day the conference will go into detail on what one needs to do and needs to know to be an entrepreneur in fashion. The conferences that will take place are featuring Martha Cálad, director of the Fashion and Economic Lab of Inexmoda; Lucy Lara, Editor of Glamour Mexico and Latin America; and Alejandro Arango, general manager of Contento Films.

The conferences can be seen via streaming at


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