New talent, creators of export and women´s fashion shine on the first day of Colombiamoda´s Fashion Shows

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  • Colombiamoda presented on the first day of fashion shows, a sample design that privileges Colombian design.
  • Feminine apparel made a strong appearance, with proposals in the casual, informal, swimwear, and lingerie category.
  • Renowned creators and young artists staged a day in efforts to strengthen national fashion.

July 29 2015. The first day of fashion shows at Colombiamoda reunited a rich mix of designers and brands that with their differences mark the spirit of Colombian and Latin American design. From the academic exercises every year Inexmoda supports young designers starting to have a potential voice; from commercial brands to renowned creators that with their proposals have transcended borders.

The new looks

Present at NonStop: Moda a la Colombiana®, the space dedicated to support, highlight and promote the work of young designers Andrea Landa, Daniela Battle, and Natalie Londoño presented their proposals of the season, each one with a distinct DNA, the common denominator being the craft as a luxury product and a profound reflection on Colombia, as its territory.

On her behalf, Andrea Landa continued with a legacy that is constructing to be a master in handling leather, mat style fabrics and baskets, with garments under a collection inspired by ragdolls, as crafts, managed to show the skill of the designer when it comes to building and creating large pieces of design, through detailed and traditional techniques.

Daniella Battle was also inspired by Colombian folklore and art, with a proposal set on pastels, testing their calling for graphic art, creating illustrated patterns and masterful use of the watermark; looks young on the tradition in which the work of Natalia Londoño, unveiled “Lunar”, an exquisite work of textile experimentation where cotton, taffeta and textured fabrics, created in her workshop, continued with a strong vision that every year, has been growing as one of the great promises of national design.

Artists that inspire the new generations hold a special place each day at Colombiamoda. During these days, students from the Fundación Universitaria Área Andina inaugurated the academic cycle samples where the conceptualization and creativity are crucial to the growth of a designer.

Creators of Exportation

Emphasizing on the female wardrobe, four Colombian designers presented their inspired collections, characterized by their expertise in their work management and combinations with textiles. Jorge Duque and Andrés Pajón, used their home town of Medellín as their inspiration; Duque, responsible for creating the catwalk celebrating 40 years of Plaza Mayor, realized and interesting and exotic catharsis of the history of the city during the 90´s, focusing on aspects such as colors, rhythms like salsa, and materials such as wood that have been a focal point of his career. Pajón dedicated himself to looking at the sunsets of Antioquia, floral beauty and wardrobes of Medellín, during the 20th century and then basing his presentation with gala wardrobes combined with its transparent looks, feathers and jewelry created a complete sphere of elegance and satisfaction.

The designer Pepa Pombo also made part of these catwalks on the first day of Colombiamoda, with a collection of suits for all occasions called Pixel Paradise. Woven fabrics, cotton, rayon and viscose made a part of her presentation that demonstrated the unmistakable reinvention of this designer.

Leal Dacarett, the pair of designers that have earned a special place in the history of Colombian fashion and possess a distinct style, took the baroque style is taken and then simplified to create a wardrobe that represents satisfaction.

Feminine Force

Falabella, a Latin American brand, presented its new 70´s style collection set, with great emphasis on denim and leather; Lourdes Haminiam, owner of Luli Fama and her exotic swimwear proposal that has led her to become the favorite of many actresses, models, and singers around the world, large commercial brands were present on the runway at Colombiamoda.

Just as Leonisa did it, responsible with closing out the day with their new collection, next to one of their most beautiful muses, supermodel, Isabelli Fontana, protagonist of a line full of sensuality and seduction where the laces, silk, and profound colors like red and black mark this new season.

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