Runways with an authentic Colombian seal during the second day of the Trade show

  • Feminine sensuality and her Latina figure were explored from all the apparel worlds.
  • Handcrafted garments with a definite Colombian sense of belonging were highlighted during this day.
  • Garments with an authentic and pragmatic seal framed the production of designer Jorge Duque, in the Banco de Bogotá and Carrusel magazine runway.

July 2017. During the second day of Colombia’s Fashion Week three fashion places were experienced: NonStop, El Cubo, and the traditional runways that, along with all their participants, throbbed with fashion through the “New Game”.

The NonStop Moda a la Colombiana was represented by Elemental, Gina Murillo, and Soul Intimates. The first transported us to New York, where abstract prints, fluid silhouettes, and sky blue and gray-green tones exalted a sophisticated and avant-garde woman.  Susana Hoyos and Valeria Lotero then depicted a sensory and emotive collection in their Soul Intimates brand, linking a woman with nature through lace transparencies of various tones.

The journey continued with a celebration of the Latina woman by paisa brands Trucco’s Jeans and Chamela.  In addition, with the latest trends in clothing, the Carmen Steffens brand highlighted a woman’s beauty from head to toe.  

The Young Creators of the Colegiatura Colombiana presented their collection “Comunicarme para Comunicar” (Communicating in order to Communicate), born from reflection and self-dialog, where a Human Being recognizes its history, re-understands it, and makes it tangible in a creative project through the exploration of silhouettes, textures, and color palettes that reflect his personal view for transforming that reality.

The runways of El Cubo brought us various proposals that ranged from lingerie to handbags and accessories, masculine apparel, and even movements such Slow Fashion, present respectively in Nu Lingerie, Bibiana Hernández, Champlevé, Jerfo,  and Happy & Smart Clothes.

Lorena Cuevas and Paola Tarazona are the designers behind Mulierr, a feminine apparel brand that displayed a hybrid of marine textures inspired in the movement and depth of the ocean, with avant-garde pieces and a special balance between organic and structured.

The Banco de Bogotá and Carrusel magazine runway, represented by the designer Jorge Duque, highlighted life as an assortment of emotions.  The Atomium building, located in Brussels, the images of artist Oskar Fischinger, and the designer’s personal life experiences were reflected in a proposal full of colors, iridescence, and light.  Materials such as leather, silk, and cotton played with nylon, rayon, acetate, and stainless steel to create authentic pieces where volume exploration and loose silhouettes reflected the constructive DNA of the designer.

Towards the end of the afternoon, masculine fashion arrived at the hand of DON JUAN – Hewlett Packard designed by Lina Cantillo, who, for more than 20 years, has revolutionized men’s silhouettes through exploration of base textiles and color palettes.  This collection gave us an obvious reinterpretation of the most classic garments of the masculine wardrobe through asymmetric silhouettes, non-conventional volumes, and a Mix & Match of textures.

To close this day, the Agua Bendita and DGroupe UNRUULED runway took us to natural landscapes in pastel color palettes with red, green, and black accents.  “Historia Terrenal” (Earth History), name of the collection, was developed stemming from asymmetric silhouettes, structured cups, bustiers, and multi-functional pieces.