• La Rueda de Negocios 4.0 realizada por MinTIC y Procolombia, inició hoy para invitar a los empresarios del sector a incorporaren la tecnología y los negocios digitales en el ADN de sus organizaciones.
  • Colombiamoda 2017 reúne a 600 expositores de 15 países, principalmente de Colombia, Portugal, Perú, Brasil y México.
  • Categorías como Calzado y Marroquinería, infantil y Jeanswear hacen vibrar los negocios en el segundo día de Feria.
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  • Colombiatex de las Americas closes with approximately USD $326M in business expectations.
  • During these three days, around 21,924 national and international visitors attended the Tradeshow.
  • The Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion hosted almost 8,229 people, and the Trends Forum, 1,155.
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Within the Framework of Colombiatex de las Américas Began the Business Conference of the Fashion System

On this second day of Colombiatex, began the first Business Conference surrounding the Fashion System, a scenario led by ProColombia in alliance with Medellin Mayor’s Office and sponsored by Inexmoda, which pursues the creation of business opportunities by favoring dynamics that allow exhibitors to open their markets world-wide, a place where they can introduce their exportable supply to international buyers from more than 16 countries.

«The Mayor’s Office joins this Business Conference due to the fact that Colombiatex de las Américas is one of the most influential Tradeshows for the city in terms of business, and that is also one of the strongest bets on the Fashion System. Antioquia holds almost 50% of the national production of all kinds of goods related to apparel, textiles, design and fashion. For this reason, the Mayor’s Office, within its strategy to approach different markets has made an alliance with ProColombia to present the first Business Conference of the Fashion System. We foster spaces and platforms for entrepreneurs to close business deals, to push the industry forward and, consequently, create new job opportunities, » added Maria Fernanda Galeano, Secretary for Economic and Social Development of Medellin Mayor’s Office.


The Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion encourages experimentation in 2017  

Inexmoda, within the framework of Colombiatex de las Américas 2017, decided to bet on the #NewGame, core concept for the Tradeshow that also took over the Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion during these three days, reassuring the significance of keeping an open mind to innovation, as well as being connected with the ever-changing environment of textile apparel-industry among the assistants.

On its last day, this academic scenario of 21 conferences and 15 experimental workshops (Thursday, January 26th,) seeks to put «theory into practice, » and to put the talent of those interested in the Fashion System to test. This space will have the support of experts and entrepreneurs that wish to share their knowledge on subjects related to the consumer’s emotions, products and services development, and validation of new business models.

«We want to co-create and to strengthen the Fashion System in a merged type of way, in order to get students, self-starters and entrepreneurs to develop effective competing abilities for this industry, one of the most evolving industries in the world, and that, likewise, brands and companies become more competitive by using structured business models that aim to address and solve their consumers’ real problems, » added Luz Adriana Naranjo, directress of Strategic Transformation for Inexmoda.

Denim, a Historical Fabric That Has Transformed the Industry and That Still Prevails in Colombiatex

The Denim Day of Colombiatex de las Américas vibrated with the visitors during the second day of the Tradeshow. For five years, Inexmoda has paid tribute to this revolutionary fabric that has made history in the fashion world due to its impact and evolution through countless generations, managing to adapt itself to the different lifestyles of the consumers.

«One could say that this ‘fantastic adventure that takes place today began in 1871, when Levi Strauss officially registered a patent on the garment that later on would be called jean, name that remains to these days. Around its conception and throughout the times, a lifestyle, a way to dress has been developed. The essence of denim (its distinctive Indigo color) and its specific fabric, has managed to remain throughout the years. It has been able to adapt to the times, to the needs, to trends, without losing its essence, nonetheless. It is a timeless, iconic garment. It has no age. It’s democratic, » stated Carlos Mario Gómez, director of Marketing for Levi’s Colombia.

Denim in numbers 

In 2016, according to the numbers collected by the Fashion Observatory Inexmoda – Raddar, the national accrued balance for denim was COP$14,1 trillion divided as follows: COP$9,5 trillion on jeans wear for men consumption; COP$3,9 trillion on jeans wear for women; and COP$662 thousand million on jeans wear for children. The five main cities with the highest denim consumption in 2016 were: Bogota with COP$2,9 trillion; Medellin, COP$1,1 trillion; Cali, COP$642 thousand million; Barranquilla, COP$500 thousand million; and Bucaramanga, COP$313 thousand million.

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In Colombiatex de las Américas, the match for the #NewGame has already begun, and technology has the leading role

A 11,600 m2 trade show is the scenario that fosters the gathering of 510 exhibitors from countries such as Colombia, India, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Italy, United States, among others, with approximately 1,800 international buyers from 60 countries, and 13,000 national buyers, all seeking to boost businesses around trims and fittings, technical textiles, chemical products, machinery and equipment, specialized services, and full package for the textile and apparel industry.

“It is absolutely remarkable that, despite these times of economic uncertainty, we open the doors of Colombiatex de las Américas, and that few hours away from the grand opening, spirits are running high for the Tradeshow, with such noticeable energy for doing business in the atmosphere, and having an expanded space for technology has had a positive impact on the attendants. «I have just finished exploring the Yellow Pavilion, where digital graphic printing component is located, and all the exhibitors are busy, proving that technology pays off: it optimizes productive procedures, it guides manufacturing, it brings the consumers closer, and, in that way, assisting data, inventory, and restocking analysis, etc., » stated Clara Henríquez, directress of Trading Platforms of Inexmoda.

“Unlike conventional printing, the digital one allows producing up to a meter of fabric; it allows playing with diverse patterns, and the contact against the fabric becomes more genuine. The period of delivery can be almost 60% faster, and this optimizes all internal processes in the production chain, making possible for them to have higher stock rotation, by identifying final consumer’s response to the product.

Colombiatex: a showcase to know all the fashionable trends for textiles, trims and fittings, and color for the season 

“Color, trends, and knowledge: this is how the Trends Forum of Colombiatex de las Américas opened on its first day of the Tradeshow. This space is considered to be the “must-see spot” for the attendants, because it will provide them with a clear roadmap to help them find the textiles and trims and fittings they are looking for, according to the needs of each brand or designer.

«Colombiatex is really big Tradeshow; for this reason, we decided to change the way we presented the Trends Forum, by dividing the space in product classes in order to speed up the visit for the buyers and visitors, so that they easily identify the specific stands where they can find the textiles and trims and fittings they require. For today, we need readily, easy to understand information, » stated Martha Cálad, directress of Inexmoda’s Fashion Lab.

Martha Cálad was the one in charge of beginning the knowledge segment that takes place in this space, where textile concepts for the Spring/Summer 2017 season were discussed, crucial information for the companies of the Fashion System to become involved with the New Game, main concept of the Tradeshow that invites to understand the consumer, and to act promptly, two forces that come together to meet the challenge.

Today Wednesday, January 25th, Colombiatex de las Américas extends an invitation to all attendants to wear their best denim look to pay tribute to this iconic fabric that has taken over the fashion world.



  • The tradeshow comes to an end with business expectations for approximately USD$ 399 million, with a 17% growth regarding 2015; this dynamic was possible thanks to the 21% increase of national and international buyers on this edition.
  • The leading categories that contributed to these results were: Formal Casual; Jeans Wear; Children’s wear; and Footwear and Leather goods, which demonstrate a deeper understanding of the Fashion System.
  • The largest share of buyers came from Mexico, Costa Rica, United States and Ecuador.
  • The participation of exhibitors from Portugal, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and United States was one the highlights of the trade exhibition.

  • The entrepreneurship programs Épica: reto de Innovación’ (lit. Epica: innovation challenge) and Origen (lit. Origin) are present at the tradeshow.
  • 25 epic entrepreneurs are participating in Colombiamoda as part of their training process, leaded by Alcaldia de Medellin (Medellin’s Mayor’s Office) and Inexmoda.
  • On their behalf, three members of the project Origen, the Program for Afro Descendants and Indigenous communities of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ACDI VOCA and Inexmoda participate in the Origen Ethnic Lounge, a space to exhibit their creations.
  • Designers Edwing D´Angelo and Lia Samantha are some of the personalities taking part on this edition.

  • El promedio de compra estimado en insumos y telas es de USD100.000 por empresario extranjero y de USD120.000 por empresario nacional.
  • Los 1.704 compradores internacionales y 10.215 nacionales que se esperan visiten la Feria, buscan generar expectativas de negocios por más de USD306 millones.
  • 35 delegaciones comerciales, de las cuales tres son internacionales (México [2] y Perú) y 32 nacionales visitan Colombiatex.

  • 618 m2 of commercial exhibition is bringing together businesses offering textiles, raw materials, supplies, machinery, and specialized manufacturing services.
  • Fabricato and Manufacturas Eliot- Pat Primos are two traditional companies from Colombia that are participating in the tradeshow.
  • For the first time, a group representative of Italian businesses will come together at Colombiatex in order to share their cutting-edge technology.

  • Textiles, supplies and machinery are some of the magnets drawing buyers to Colombiatex de las Américas.
  • Around 500 exhibitors and 10,000 buyers from all over the world are coming together for one of the most important textile-manufacture tradeshows in Latin America.
  • Colombiatex de las Américas is  establishing itself as a world-renowned event, thanks to the best practices in quality, service and security.
Trasformación estratégica

  • The 30th IAF World Fashion Convention began today, with 329 national and international Fashion System entrepreneurs and leaders in attendance.
  • Getting to know the consumer, innovation and the importance of response time in the supply chain are some of the conclusions drawn on the first academic day of the convention.
  • Claudio Chiaromonte, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company and Adriano Goldschmied, Co-Founder of Diesel were among the 12 guest speakers.