Textiles2, a trade show within Colombiamoda 2017 for discovering the textile offer directed towards the second semester of the year

  • Colombiamoda 2017, included Textiles2 again in their comercial showcase, a trade show focused on nletting buyers know what is available in terms of textiles, package deals, supplies, technical textiles, and specialized services for the second semester of the year.
  • This edition of Colombia’s Fashion Week claimed 90 exhibitors, 70 with textiles and supplies, and 20 with package deals.
  • Tecnology, innovation, and design were the main components of this space. 

July 2017. Textiles2, the showpiece of textile businesses for the second semester of the year, is one of the amazing places in this edition of Colombiamoda, Colombia’s Fashion Week. Nearly 90 exhibitors, 70 of textiles and supplies. and 20 of package deals, met during the three days of the Trade show in the Green Pavilion of the Medellín Plaza Mayor, to serve the first link of the chain of value.

This space is one of the great showpieces of Inexmoda, as it saw the need to offer exhibitors a platform where they could show their textiles, package deals, supplies, technical textiles, and special services, with the idea of preparing and accompanying the entrepreneurs of the sector in their product developments for the next half of the year.

“Textiles2 is important because it is the beginning of the value chain; if textiles are not renewed, there is no evolution in the garments.  Following this logic, a second stage of textiles is born, inserted within Colombiamoda so that exhibitor brands can generate business from what is coming in the next seasons,” stated Clara Henríquez, Director of Commercial Platforms at Inexmoda.

The marked approval the Trade show has had caused its graphic image to be renovated in this edition, generating higher visibility within the trade show venue.  Additionally, it is a stage prized by the exhibitors because they understand the importance and need that market has of programming its fashion productions.

One of the participating businesses in Textile2 is Sutex, a brand from Bogotá that marked its arrival at Colombiamoda 2017 with digital prints known for being ecological. “For 20 years we have been part of Colombiatex of the Americas, and being in Textiles 2 in Colombiamoda has allowed us the possibility of participating in the second semester of the year, because in the same stand we can have all of our textiles for the clothing market, plus decoration, and the final products for these two business lines. This stage is very interesting, because national and international visitors come that would be short of products were there only one trade show a year. In business terms, there has been good movement; as a matter of fact, it has been better than last year,” stated Leon Amitai, General Manager of the brand.        

On another hand, the alliance between Inexmoda and Torna, a business of sustainable solutions, is again a part of the Trade show with their stand in Textiles2, where they have demonstrated that being sustainable pays, because businesses that optimize the savings processes of water in their organizations, will show an important profit margin.

Torna, who has optimized the process of water recycling in large companies such as C.I. Estrada Velásquez, Tintorería Industrial Teñimos S.A, and Industrias Haceb,  as well as doing tests in Tennis, Artextil, Jeans Platino, and in Protela, has numbers demonstrating that the optimization of water treatment in all industrial processes can save up to 48% on one normal water bill.  This is to say that, without optimizing the water process, a company would normally pay around  $63,960,000 COP (over 21,000 USD), but with the process it would pay about $33,285,000 COP ($11,000 USD), reusing 95% of its water, contributing to the environment, and complying with Colombia’s new 631 discharge regulation of 2015.

Within the joint efforts of Inexmoda and Torna, a commitment to the sector is ratified, as sustainability is one of the most prospective pillars of an industry which is in permanent evolution. The invitation extended to brands is to renovate, redesign, and regenerate their showpieces for sustainable fashion.

Tomorrow, Textiles2 awaits more buyers interested in restocking their supplies in order to produce collections with the latest market trends for the next season, not only in design, but also in technology.

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