Textiles2 open up spaces for technical textiles

Textiles2 open up spaces  for technical textiles

  • Specialized textiles increasingly take more strength in the commercial offer from Colombiamoda
  • The innovation developed by sector companies becomes a challenge for designers and clothing manufacturers.
  • Fabricato and Lafayette are leaders in the domestic production of fabrics for specialized uses

July 29 2015. The manufacture of fabrics for making high-risk job clothing, security garments or for specific tasks in health, mining, and other fields increasingly takes more strength at Colombiamoda; this year is no exception, giving reason to believe that the development of this segment is the future of the textile industry.

The production of technical textiles, demands a higher level of research and development in companies and overall, a compromise with the innovation, therefore, also involving a challenge by the conversion of production processes.

That’s what several companies are showing at Colombiamoda 2015. Lafayette is a great example; Eylen Tovar Martinez, spokeswoman for the company, highlights the positioning of the brand “Laftech”, which is composed of fabrics that are repellent to liquid and solid, and allow rapid drying in wet conditions.

They are also resistant to tearing, and facilitate the transport of humidity, are waterproof and allow high fire resistance. Because of these conditions, they are prized by their clients for the production of garments for industrial uniforms, health institutions, sportswear, and personal safety. “These are fabrics that have the technologies and suitable topcoats for the final use” she explained.

Another recent development, an innovation product, the lightweight fabric based on recycled fibers (coffee shells), which shirts with protection from the sun, chlorine, and salt water are produced and they are now available in Juan Valdez stores.

Together at the Expo

Precisely, with fabrics Lafayette, the company Inducon, from Bogota, has 34,000 jackets in production for the National Army. This company, that produces military goods, police goods and products for the healthcare sector, has a presence at the Expo Colombiamoda for its very first time, along with other companies with similar functions.

One of those is Industrias de Algodón (Ideal), also from Bogota. Iván David Santiago, director of this company, explains that technical textiles demand high amounts of technology during and after the production of the products such as those that are being offered at the Expo. Their function is to protect people or solar rays, which are not only helpful for people in high risk jobs, but everyday jobs as well.

With these two companies, participating in the same stand at Colombiamoda directives from them read “This is the first time that we are participating in Colombiamoda and we hope to generate new leads to be able to close on successful business deals.”

Lycra is King

Invista Colombia, with its brand Lycra, is one of the leaders in the technical textile field due to the innovation that it incorporates in its production processes of its products. Martin Velez, in charge of marketing for this company, explains that the chemistry of fabrics has always been in evolution and development, but now is being presented with the peak, and to answer the specific needs of people in their daily lives. Through this manner fabrics for athletics and other areas have been developed which have led to advancements such as the ability for perspiration, heat resistance and other added value uses for the people that wear them.

We are always seeking to better understand our consumers,” said Martin, and explains the recent development in Colombiamoda 2015, indigo fabric that is more comfortable, better fitting, adjustable and with an elasticity greater than 60%. It is a fabric based in cotton, but mixed with lycra which makes it more comfortable.

Indigo for Coverage

Plastexil, from Medellín, is another company that has developed important innovations in the field of technical textiles. Alvaro Ramirez, director of this company, says that aside from the production of plastic fabrics for uses in apparel (jackets, reflective vests and industrial protection), a line of indigo for coverage.

It has to do with an open offer to the companies in this field to give the coverage and detail that their fabrics require for its predetermined use, with functional and stylish finishes. This was the coverage can be tailored to each client and for whatever use in apparel, resistant to fire, more elastic and more lightweight, and above all cleaner for the environment due to the more efficient use of water in the production process and the reduction of chemicals. In the case of indigo for coverage, allows for clothing similar to “jeans,” that are more lightweight, more resistant and more durable, emphasized Alvaro.

Experts at the tradeshow agree that there is still a long way to go in order to make the country a source of power and major producer of technical textiles, but they say that with the help of Inexmoda and each edition of Colombiamoda, companies are taking the first steps to spark the imagination of designers and clothing manufacturers with the use of new materials.

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