The academy is present in the runway shows at Colombiamoda 2015

The academy is present in the runway shows  at Colombiamoda 2015

  • The academy has positioned itself as one of the strongest bets at Colombiamoda: the Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina, Corporacion Colegiatura Colombiana and Universidad Pointificia Bolivariana will be active in the circuit runways
  • Conceptualization, reflection, and experimentation are fundamental bases for the formation of these academic runways
  • In this issue, aside from knowledge, and the conceptualization of creative ideas, the possibility of creating brands and business models has been supported

July 29 2015. In the firm belief that the academy is the starting point for the formation of talents of the future, Colombiamoda continues to provide space in their runway circuits to outstanding students from three Colombian universities, in which they support the growth of the Fashion System through knowledge, conceptualization and creativity, three fundamental pillars.

On each of the days on the runway, the Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina, the Corporacion Colegiatura Colombiana, and the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana all have a transcendental space at the tradeshow, being important allies to create a suitable way in the present and future history of national fashion.

Academic Fashion shows

The selected theme for the event Fashion Design from the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina was “scientific research as a production artist,” the perfect concept to differentiate fashion as a transformative art for society. The students learned about the work of Francisco Jose de Caldas, a botanist and great researcher of biodiversity of insects in the Andina region, and then they put together a final project that will experiment with the viability of clothing in different forms, such as extensions of the human body.

Nature and the urge to feel more organic has been one of the most important topics within academic runways. “Materia Viviente” is the title that the Collegiate Corporation of Colombia chose for the trip that 13 of its students took to explore non-conventional textiles and materials within the apparel of wardrobe. It was a specific exercise geared towards young creators with the mentorship of experts in their field and an interdisciplinary team that includes graphic design, communications and related fields.

With “Opera Prima,” the Universidad Pontificana Bolivariana decided to bet on commercial projects and the 10 students that were selected for their first runway at Colombiamoda. Based on the academic concepts, the principal attribute of this exercise is in the translation of the product to the fashion, focusing primarily on the formation of an identity in design in each one of its representative; color pallets, primary materials, silhouettes and processes communicate with each other in harmony with the fashion tendencies from fashion to sport to any other type of wardrobe in different regions and pertaining to current needs.

That is how Colombiamoda has become a platform for new talents, in the first cycle of learning and understanding of the Fashion System, where the creativity is the most important part of the formational process that continues to add new value to the industry.

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