The biggest brands launch at Colombiamoda 2015

The biggest brands launch at Colombiamoda 2015

  • Colombiamoda consolidates itself as a platform for presentation of brands and products
  • The Portuguese Association of Manufacturers of Footwear drives 12 companies at the Expo.
  • Miguel Caballero presents his innovation in products for the security and protection for high risk labor.


July 28, 2015. The new edition of Colombiamoda, which kicked off this Tuesday, July 28, in Medellín, reinforces itself ever more as a platform to launch new collections, brands and above all, new advancements in research and development to position products with greater innovation and added value.

This Expo, some exhibitors have said, is also an opportunity to strengthen commercial ties, open new markets and consolidate alliances, all of it for the use of the opportunities that are offered through current trade deals.

The 12 companies that form the Portuguese Association of Footwear Manufacturers that once again have a presence in Colombiamoda, have come to win over this market competing against Colombian and Italian footwear manufacturers, the number one footwear manufacturers in the world.

One of its brands, Nobrand, already has its first multi-brand store in Medellín. Next week it will open another store, of its own brand, in the shopping mall Santa Fé, and plans are in place for the inauguration of another store in Bogota towards the end of this year.

John Dennis, director of the brand The Oxford Shoe Co., and the commercial director of the Portuguese Association of Footwear Manufacturers, Pedro Silva, coincide that the Colombian market is just about to take off. To begin with, they make note that sales will increase from 3 to 6 million euros in one year.

The 600 companies of the syndicate produce 90 million pairs of shoes per year, exporting 95% of their production and creating employment for 40,000 people.

Portuguese Alliance

In the footwear industry, another Colombian company, IBSM (Footwear Industry for Military Security) arrived at Colombiamoda in partnership with the Portuguese  Promocompo, which produces light, resistant materials and high-performance and technology for the manufacturing of its line. One of them, Grulla Gold that is being launched during the tradeshow will be expected to produce 1,000 pairs per day to increase the current production of 2,500 pairs daily on all lines.

Rodolfo Álvarez Álvarez, director of the Colombian organization, indicated that the aim of his presence at this international tradeshow is to find contacts for his first exports.

Armored suits and uniforms

Another Colombian company, Miguel Caballero is launching at Colombiamoda is the floating armored vest that “protects personnel from the national army in case of attacks by insurgent forces and prevents drowning; it is a self-developed, patented and designed by our area of Investigation and development”, said the director of this area, Carolina Ballesteros Casas.

This company, that exports to 52 countries and counts on commercial offices in Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico, also displays the entire line of safety, security and demining (helmets, vests, suits, and casual wear but shielded) to staff from the police, the army, the Inpec and other state agencies, the same for private organizations, motorcyclists, and firefighters, it is a remarkable development in the line of technical textiles.

In its lines, it also includes formal dresses for executives, lightly armored but without the appearance of having security elements. “Learn about Miguel Caballero´s experience and live the technology that saves the lives of Colombia´s heroes”, states their advertising messages at the tradeshow

Levi´s Launch

The American multinational corporation, Levi´s, also takes advantage of the Fashion Week platform for their launch. This time, it is about a new line of jeans for women, a segment which the company entered in 1934, many years after they launched their legendary 501 jeans in 1873.

The new line of jeans for women was launched only two weeks ago in New York and will son arrive in Colombia, “they are a pair of jeans that are tight, flexible, with high quality materials and that are not produced in Colombia. Colombia is the first place in Latin America that will receive this new launch,” said Carlos Mario Gómez, commercial manager of C.I. Expofaro, a company with a plant in Itagüí that has a franchise of this brand.

With Lev´s you can create those first impressions, those first triumphs, those first steps, those first parties… and those first kisses,” read the launch release.

Crocs, with baby clothing

The American brand Crocs, known for its array of informal footwear, is in Colombiamoda for the first time launching its baby line, which arrived in December in 2014.

Elvia Arbeláez, from the firm Mansour Representaciones S.A.S. (de Cali), explains that they are offering baby products up to three years of age and for kids from four to ten years old, including a collection of swimwear. It already has a presence in 36 Grupo Éxito stores and in other chains, taking advantage of the high potential for development in this market and the ever growing demand from parents in this market.

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