Young talent at Colombiamoda: Latinoamérica Habla, El Cubo by El Colombiano y NonStop Moda a la Colombiana

Young talent at Colombiamoda: Latinoamérica Habla, El Cubo by El Colombiano y NonStop Moda a la Colombiana

  • Colombiamoda is betting on young talent with their platforms Latinoamerica Habla, El Cubo by El Colombiano and NonStop: Moda a la Colombiana.
  • These spaces are created in order to enhance the careers of new designers.
  • From the academy to the branding of the author, Colombiamoda is defined as the ideal opportunity to shape the future of national fashion.


July 28 2015. At Colombiamoda, the rising talent has an important space, always with the belief that fashion is a transformative cultural force. With spaces like Latinoamérica Habla, El Cubo by El Colombiano y NonStop: Moda a la Colombiana, the main challenge is from the academy to the great designers of the future, fulfilling such a special cycle where the idea becomes a fact, whereby the designer, through their personal views of design, they find a way to create their brands and the final consolidation of their career.


Latinoamerica Habla: constructing knowledge

This learning cycle starts with Latinoamerica Habla, a contest for college students that seeks to promote the creativity of the new minds of design that are constructing the future of Colombian fashion. This year, the invitation was to create proposals that come from the concept “Open Access”, referring to the reflection of technology, innovation and information curated by three experts on the subject: Eulalia Piedrahíta, Catherine Villota y Santiago Acosta, in which they chose the 15 finalists.


Among universities across South America, including Ecuador, Argentina, and Colombia, the contestants will have the chance to win three prizes, towards their career as designers; all to a cyclical bet that invites students to continue at El Cubo by El Colombiano, as the next growth platform for their careers.


El Cubo by El Colombiano: the birth of a brand

The history of young talent at Colombiamoda continues with El Cubo by El Colombiano, now recognized for being an open field where fresh ideas and new fashion projects become visible during a day of absolute inspiration. This space, that returns joining forces with the Mayor´s office of Medellin and the Epica: Innovation Challenge, besides collective design and fashion trade like Look Hunters, they represent a new generation where technology plays a fundamental role.


A phase that is one of the first steps in the construction of a career, which the education of the academy and creating business ideas come together to create brands with great potential for creative and trading success.


NonStop Moda a la Colombiana: creating a career on the runway

Throughout the history of Colombiamoda, there have been major milestones in Latin American design. The second edition of NonStop, continues with the creation of platforms, where the future of fashion gleams and has a special place; there is a circuit provided where young designers are responsible for opening each of the three days in the opening fashion shows.


In its new edition comes the concept under Moda a la Colombiana®, where soft drinks brands are linked to support new national talent with the slogan “Hacer las cosas a la Colombiana® es hacerlas bien”. Promising proposals that have gradually earned appraisal for their impressive talent, such as Andrea Landa, Daniela Battle y Natalia Londoño responsible for starting Fashion Week, followed by a day of men´s fashion, with Erikó by David Alfonso, Orozco Clothing y Mon & Velarde; finishing off with a thorough selection of commercial brands: Mar de Rosas, French Vanilla y Love Citizens.


Young talent, in between personal looks and creative minds, make up an essential part of the growth of Colombiamoda that is enriched daily and never ends.


The cycle ends with the fashion shows, where designers and brands can unleash their creativity to generate an emotional and sensory connection with their target audience.


Reaching these four levels is how the career of a designer is consolidated.


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